Thursday, February 5, 2009

Motorola Razr V3

The cell phone is not lacking in features it has massive extraordinary features. Motorola rarz V300 comes with a phonebook that allows you to view links by name or list and if you choose to view the phonebook by person's name then all numbers and emails will combine into the contact with that name. In under list, the numbers and emails are displayed individually in the phonebook. It is much more professional way that you can also view and call the contact, quite than searching for the contact.
Motorola razr v300 cell phone also has a voice dial feature that is more dependable than most others and it also trains extremely easily and generally understands a user each time. The Motorola razr V300 ring tones or attentive can be either sounds or mp3, which is pretty joyful. The Motorola v300 cell phone menu is instinctive and easy to control; a new user can effortlessly understand it with in few days. Motorola v300 has eye-catching camera and it has ability to play mp3 as well as videos recording and sound, but it has only five megabytes space for storage. That generally transform to a couple medium quality 30 second clip of MP3 sounds and very little bit high quality photos. A user can record a video for 10 to 20 seconds, which take up 500kb space.
Motorola razr v300 theme quality is quite better and the interior screen was changed and augmented by 2.2 inches and new screen resolution became 240x320 pixels and now it is accomplished to support 262000 colors. Additionally, Motorola razr v300 games are very enjoyable and pleasant to play, because of the large measurement of the screen.
Economical Motorola razr v300 has mini USB port which is handy for connecting with other devices for data sharing; furthermore the standard kit also contains a little adapter, which is placed in the connector. The phone has lit-lon battery of 750 mAh capability and according to manufacturer this Motorola razr v300 mobile provides 200 hours for standby time and up to 3 hours for talk.
At the time of purchase Motorola razr V300 Company also provides dissimilar Motorola razr v300 accessories such as; USB data traveling cable, Motorola cell charger and mobile battery.

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