Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nokia N93

The Nokia n93 cell phone keeps very attractive designs shape with measured size 4.6 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches and 6.3 ounces weight, which is enormous for a cell phone, especially when you open the flip of N93 cellular phone to make or accept a call. The middle section of the Nokia N93 mobile phone contains camera lens and N93’s rotate designs allows you to use the inner screen as a viewfinder for its camcorder / camera duties.
You can operate the LCD to work as your viewfinder, just open the face flap halfway and turn the screen 90 degrees counterclockwise then it will automatically make active the camera, and you will be capable to see the view of your photo or video clip across the interior screen/viewfinder. The Nokia N3 cell phone camera lens and flash are positioned on the left side and its lens band is enclosed in the box. Additionally an additional secondary VGA camera is located more than the internal screen, which you can use for photo as well as for video. On the right face of the economical Nokia n93 is as zoom in/out slider wheel, while a four-way navigation fastening, a camera/video button and a flash key are also located on the right back.
The Nokia n93 analysis for internal screen is that it consist of 2.4 inches and supports 262,144 colors with 320x240 pixel resolutions, so not only images give the impression of being is great, while text and web pages also look very good. You can also adjust the Nokia n93 wallpaper, themes, and backlight time, but you cannot alter the font size. Underneath the most important display screen there is a cute set of buttons, including two soft keys; like talk and end button, a four-way navigation control section, text editor, a row of shortcut keys to the main menu, multimedia menu and a clear button. The numerical keypad beneath these controls is huge and raised above the cell phone's plane, making it comfy to dial by feel.

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