Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nokia 6230

Nokia 6230 cell phone has good space for storing 1000 contact in its phone book, and an additional 250 name can be save on the SIM card. You can also allocate caller photo and unique ring tone for a specific caller ID from original Nokia 6230 ring tones. Moreover, including a WAP 2.0 wireless Web browser a user can easily checks its important email by using (POP3, IMAP4 AND SMTP). A speaker phone is also useful feature, but not a separate button for speakerphone.
Furthermore, text and multimedia messaging, a to-do list, calendar, a note pad, a voice recorder, a calculator, a data wallet for storing credit card and login information for supported wireless services, voice dialing, nine speed dial number and five way conference calling also accessible in Nokia 6230 details.
The Nokia 6230 cell phone liberal memory includes 6MB of communal RAM and space for an included 32MB MMC card, while it is frustratingly hidden behind the cell phone battery. Nokia 6230 details also include appreciated the Bluetooth, the infrared (IR) port, and the capability to sync with a PC, a laptop, or other mobile devices by downloading the Nokia PC Suite from the Nokia website.
There is no flash or self-portrait mirror with the 6230's camera lens, but it provides the best VGA-quality and you can snap photos at three resolutions (160x120, 320x240, and 640 x 480 pixels). You can even record a nice video clips with sound for 15-second.
The Nokia 6230 games accessible with a choice of five Java (J2ME)-enabled games such as; Space Impact, Beach Rally II, Train Biker, Chess Puzzle, and Golf. At the time of buy Nokia 6230 you will access amazing Nokia 6230 accessories like; mobile battery, mobile charger, Data transfer cable (USB cable), a CD of Nokia 6230 application and colorful casings.

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