Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nokia N80

In Nokia N80 particulars, its designs format is the top of the list, a little cell phone, enclosed the slider phone measured 3.7 by 1.9 by 1.0 inches and 4.7 ounces weight. The Nokia N80 cell phone has a fine-looking 2.2-inch screen that possessed 262,144 types at 325x416-pixel resolution. Colors pop, and text and images are in exclusive style; it is surely one of the best cell phone displays, which is latest style in cell phone devices.
Underneath the screen you will see two soft keys, the controls are simple to use, the Talk and End button, an edit key, a four-way routing toggle with a center selection function, a menu shortcut, a multimedia key, and a Clear button. For the majority, but the toggle and the select button are as little bit small, so you have to press them watchfully. Due to its most excellent little shape, it is tight fit in a pocket and at ease to hold in the hand. It has pure black case, which enhances its attractiveness and beauty; while the Nokia n80 mobile phone is also accessible in stainless steel as well. To open the higher slide cover just push the face up and sliding system is horizontal and locks into place with a hard click. After opening the above slider you will have control to use the numerical pad. The keys are big and satisfactorily backlit, but the peak row of numbers are closely lined with the base of the open face, which may cause some difficulty for the users with bigger hands.

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