Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nokia 6682

The Nokia 6682 cell phone comes with extraordinary set of features, starting with such basics as a cell phone book which can store many contacts in its 10 MB shared memory with additional information like; work and home address email address, web address, and notes as well as you are also able to assign distinct Nokia 6682 ring tones to a separate caller IDs. And several others Nokia 6682 particulars features are calendar, text and multimedia messaging, speakerphone, which you can make active only once you have made a call, memos and voice dialing, a to-do list, photo caller’s ID, vibrate mode, wireless Web (WAP 2.0) and e-mail (POP and IMAP access), , calculator, alarm clock and instant messaging.
Moreover, you can also allocate your photos, flies and other data with other devices by connecting the Nokia 6682 cell phone’s Bluetooth and cell phone also lets you to connect to a Bluetooth facilitated keyboard, perfect for typing long messages without making your fingertips blood loss. Furthermore, you can also open and edit some word, PowerPoint and excel files through its Quick office function.
Nokia 6682 examination for camera is that it support 1.3 mega pixel camera with a lot of extra functions such as; night and burst mode, two pixel settings 1,280x960 or 640x480; contrast and white balance settings, self timers up to 30 seconds, four color modes Normal, Black, White, Sepia, and Negative; and a 6X digital zoom.Nokia 6682 details features also include video recording functionality; you can make movies up to 1 hour at two resolutions 128x96 to 176x144. Nokia 6682 cellular phone keeps video editor, which edits your videos and it also contain Movie Director tool that takes your clips and turn them into cool, MMS ready video, fast edits, graphic frames complete with funky music and titles very adequately.
The Nokia 6682 cell phone’s colorful music player supports both MP3 and unlocked AAC files and interface shows artists and track information, along with a advancement bar and a time elapsed/total time, and you can generate more than a few play lists or shuffle/repeat your tunes to your heart's satisfied. You can also personalize your Nokia 6682 cell phone by replacing Nokia 6682 wallpaper, screensaver, ring tones and Nokia 6682 themes. Moreover you can also get lots of get pleasure through its built in Nokia 6682 games, its default games are Hard Rock Casino, Lemonade Tycoon (yawn), low-res Snake EX, and the aggravating, which is beautiful weak, considering the 3D games.

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